Manchester, NH, July 24, 2023 – LumeDEL LLC introduces the NewDEL™ Fiber-coupled LED sources that are designed to generate high radiant power with spectrally stable output and combining high performance with ease-of-use. NewDEL™ LED sources can be highly effective replacements for lasers and lamps in many applications for scientific and industrial applications such as spectroscopy, optogenetics, photodynamic therapy and photocatalysis.

LumeDEL’s NewDEL™ fiber-coupled LEDs include 17 narrowband models with peak wavelengths from the UV to the near-IR spectral regions, as well as two white light LEDs and a continuum source. The models offer complete configurability, from a continuous operating mode to pulsed or triggered modes, so that users at any level can set up a light source ideally suited to their needs.

A NewDEL fiber-coupled LED is a compact, fully integrated product. Each NewDEL incorporates its own driver and microcontroller circuitry. A separate driver/controller module is not required. Operation of a NewDEL can be performed through a feature-rich Windows-based GUI or personally programmed using distinct serial commands.

About LumeDEL LLC
LumeDEL LLC produces high-performance fiber-coupled LEDs and accessories for the life sciences, medical, industrial, and scientific communities. Our mission is to design and deliver unique, high output LED devices that will serve as essential, yet uncomplicated tools for end-users to perform leading edge research in both academic and industrial laboratories.

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