Fiberoptic Patch Cords

LumeDEL fiberoptic patch cords are fiber optic cables terminated with fiber optic connectors on both ends. These patch cords easily connect to NewDEL light sources and accessories. The fiber cables contain single strand, multimode, step-index optical fiber with 1 mm core diameter.

Fiber patch cords are terminated on both ends with standard SMA 905 connectors. SMA style connectors are most commonly used with multimode fibers, especially large core fibers. This connector is characterized by a 1/4-36 UNS-2B thread coupling mechanism and a cylindrical ferrule of 1/8 inch nominal diameter.

LumeDEL plastic optical fiber (POF) patch cords FP63P and FP58P are more flexible and provide very high numerical aperture (NA) which provides the best optical coupling efficiency to LEDs to deliver maximum output power. UV transmitting fiber patch cord FP50H uses a High -OH content silica core for a spectral range of 300 nm to 1200 nm at NA 0.50 .

High-OH silica fiber can experience significant transmission loss when exposed to UV radiation, a process known as solarization. This occurs from exposure to light below 300 nm such as with NewDEL models N275 (275 nm) and N280 (280 nm). For these LED sources, the Model FP22U fiber patch cord uses hydrogen loaded, High -OH silica to provide the best resistance to solarization. And for other UV wavelengths, the FP22U can offer both superior internal transmission and prolonged performance when NA 0.22 is acceptable.

Common Specifications

  • SMA 905 connectors
  • 1 mm core diameter (nominal)
  • 1 meter long (other lengths available upon request)

Upon request, LumeDEL can provide FC type connectors as well as smaller core diameters and various numerical aperture (NA) for fused silica fiber patch cords.




Core Material

Cladding Material

Spectral Range

Jacket Dia. (mm)

Jacket Material

Operating Temp.



POF Polymer (PMMA)
fluorinated polymer
350-850 nm
cross-linked PE
up to 85C



High temp. POF polymer (PMMA)
fluorinated polymer
350-850 nm
crossed-lined PE
up to 105C



High-OH silica

hard polymer


up to 85C



UV resistant High-OH silica

doped silica
250-1200 nm
stainless steel
up to 80C