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When it comes to applications like spectroscopy, optogenetics, and photodynamic therapy, the quality of the light source directly impacts the value of the results. As users of photonic instrumentation increasingly switch to fiber-coupled LEDs, they look for sources that produce stable, high-power output, at a range of wavelengths. NewDEL™ fiber-coupled LEDs meet those performance goals while also empowering researchers and innovators to target operation to each project, whether that’s manual configuration or fully automated remote control. With being engineered for customization, they can also be tailored to meet specialty requirements upon request.

Meet the NewDEL™ fiber-coupled LED

The NewDEL™ product groups of fiber-coupled LEDs were designed to deliver high performance operation from a system tailored to the user.

  • High output power – High-power LEDs selected to maximize fiber coupling efficiency, advanced thermal engineering to ensure stable output
  • An integrated driver/controller – Ready to go, out of the box
  • Configuration options – Through a feature-rich Windows-based GUI or programmed using distinct serial commands
  • Choice of operating modes – PWM, pulsed, and trigger modes



(275 nm to 405 nm)

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(425 nm to 680 nm)

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(750 nm to 910 nm)

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(330 nm – 1100 nm)

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LumeDEL’s NewDEL™ fiber-coupled LEDs target requirements for life sciences, medical, scientific, and industrial applications that require stable illumination at specific wavelengths and/or radiant powers to achieve success.



Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Fluorescence-Guided Surgery

Why LumeDEL?

For LumeDEL, supporting the research and test community with the tools they need to succeed is more than just a product design objective – it’s at the core of our philosophy as an organization. We know that requirements and skills change from user to user and even project to project. That’s why we engineered the NewDEL to maximize both performance and flexibility. Want the advantages of fiber-coupled LEDs but lack the resources to work with the products currently on the market? The NewDEL is ready to go right out of the box. Have experience in programming and lab automation? You can set up hands-free and even remote operation.

We designed NewDEL fiber-coupled LEDs for ease of customization, which allows us to satisfy specialty requirements and support innovation. At LumeDEL, we don’t just sell you what we have, we build you what you need. And because we’re sized for collaboration, we’re ready to work together to help you realize your vision.

Latest News

Collimating Lens Assemblies with Adjustable Focus for High NA Fiberoptic Patch Cords used with Fiber-coupled LEDs

Manchester, NH, January 16, 2024 – LumeDEL LLC introduces fiberoptic collimating lenses optimized for fiberoptic patch cords with high numerical aperture (NA) up to 0.63. Very high NA, multimode optical fibers provide the best optical coupling efficiency with LEDs to deliver maximum output power.  Standard fiberoptic collimators are designed for low NA optical fibers, like NA 0.22, which results in significant power loss if used with high NA optical fibers. Collimated beams are very useful in laboratory setups with fiber-coupled LEDs, because the beam diameter remains fairly constant to work with other optical components and avoid excessive beam expansion. LumeDEL offers two models using high NA aspheric lenses, the CL12G with a lens diameter of 12.5 mm and the CL30G with a lens diameter of 30 mm. Both feature an SMA905 connector and user adjustable focus to get the best beam collimation at the operating LED wavelength. The lens material is molded glass and can function over a...

Fiber-coupled LED Features a Broadband Spectrum Extending from The UV to The NIR for Applications in Spectroscopy

Manchester, NH, November 8, 2023 – LumeDEL LLC introduces the NewDEL™ Model X3312 Fiber-coupled LED source that employs a unique phosphor-coated UV-LED to emit a broad spectrum, 330 nm -1100 nm, for applications in spectroscopy as a replacement for halogen lamps. If the UV peak is not needed or deemed intrusive, it can be blocked by a long pass filter that only passes VIS-NIR light, thus providing a continuous and balanced spectrum without peaks.The Model X3312 is a compact, fully integrated product which incorporates its own driver and microcontroller circuitry. A separate driver/controller module is not required. Device operation can be performed through a feature-rich Windows-based GUI or personally programmed using distinct serial commands.The NewDEL™ product line of fiber-coupled LEDs includes three different broadband sources as well as 17 narrowband models with peak wavelengths from the UV to the near-IR spectral regions. The models offer complete configurability, from a...

Fiber-coupled LEDs Provide High Brightness Ranging from the DUV to the NIR for Researchers and OEMs in Medical, Biotech, and Industrial Applications.

Manchester, NH, July 24, 2023 – LumeDEL LLC introduces the NewDEL™ Fiber-coupled LED sources that are designed to generate high radiant power with spectrally stable output and combining high performance with ease-of-use. NewDEL™ LED sources can be highly effective replacements for lasers and lamps in many applications for scientific and industrial applications such as spectroscopy, optogenetics, photodynamic therapy and photocatalysis. LumeDEL’s NewDEL™ fiber-coupled LEDs include 17 narrowband models with peak wavelengths from the UV to the near-IR spectral regions, as well as two white light LEDs and a continuum source. The models offer complete configurability, from a continuous operating mode to pulsed or triggered modes, so that users at any level can set up a light source ideally suited to their needs. A NewDEL fiber-coupled LED is a compact, fully integrated product. Each NewDEL incorporates its own driver and microcontroller circuitry. A...

LumeDEL produces high-performance fiber-coupled LEDs and accessories for the life sciences, medical, industrial, and scientific communities.

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