Fiberoptic Patch Cords – UV resistant silica optical fiber


The LumeDEL Model FP22U fiber patch cord uses hydrogen loaded, High -OH silica to provide the best option for use with UV-C LEDs. Typical High-OH silica fiber can experience significant transmission loss when exposed to UV radiation, a process known as solarization. This occurs from exposure to UV  below 300 nm such as with NewDEL models N275 (275 nm) and N280 (280 nm). For these UV LED sources, as well as for other UV LED wavelengths, the FP22U can offer both superior internal transmission and prolonged performance when NA 0.22 is acceptable. 

Common Specifications

  • SMA 905 connectors
  • 1 mm core diameter (nominal)
  • 1 meter long (other lengths available upon request)
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